That's a wrap on STRIVE Rocks 2023! Thank you to all who participated, donated, sponsored, provided entertainment and more!
STRIVE Rocks 2023 was able to raise over $78,000 for STRIVE programs and we couldn't have done it without all of you!
We'll see you next year for STRIVE Rocks 2024! 

Thank you for being a part of STRIVE Rocks 2023!

STRIVE Rocks is an event that our whole community looks forward to and this year is no different. Building off the past successes of the last 3 virtual STRIVE Rocks, we’ve decided to keep STRIVE Rocks virtual this year! Though we miss our in-person event, we are so excited to continue to bring the excitement of STRIVE Rocks to our participants in the comfort of their own homes, no matter where in the world they are! Since holding the event virtually, not only have we been able to safely be together, but we have also been able to reach more potential STRIVE members, which was STRIVE Rocks’ mission from the start.

 We'll have everything you love about the in-person version -- bands, theme hours, games & activities, prizes, and of course...dancing! PLUS, this year we're going to have some surprise guests join us throughout the night...stay tuned to hear who some of them will be! Whether you are returning or a new recruit, we are glad to have you as we gear up to make a difference in the lives of over 1,400 young adults with intellectual disabilities from across the state. 

Being up for nearly 12 hours and may seem like a big jobbut don’t think you’re alone! When May 5th rolls around, you’ll be joined by hundreds of peers who are enjoying the experience with you. The funds you raise will help STRIVE provide educational and social opportunities for our members. We strongly encourage you to visit a STRIVE Friday Night Social Event, or another of STRIVE’s many programs/events, so that you may see the direct impact of your efforts. 

 ⇒ To participate, all you'll need to do is fundraise a minimum of $40 to get the link to enter! We also have other incentives if you’d like to continue your fundraising!

  • Raise $50 or more and you'll get a STRIVE Rocks T-Shirt!
  • Raise $250-$499: Receive a STRIVE Rocks T-Shirt + STRIVE canvas tote bag
  • Raise $500-$999: Receive a STRIVE Rocks T-Shirt + STRIVE canvas tote bag + STRIVE portable speaker
  • Raise $1000+: Receive a STRIVE Rocks T-Shirt + STRIVE canvas tote bag + STRIVE portable speaker + STRIVE crewneck 


On behalf of the entire STRIVE Rocks Committee, we hope that you are just as excited about STRIVE Rocks 2023 as we are. Together, we can make this the best year for STRIVE yet!

 Have more questions about STRIVE Rocks, or ideas of other ways you would like to be involved?

Contact STRIVE Program Director, Whitney Wildes, at or 207.774.6278!



STRIVE Rocks Frequently Asked Question. When - from 8PM Friday, May 5th to 8AM, Saturday, May 6th. Where - ZOOM. Who - Everyone.
STRIVE Rock challenges you to stay up all night long in support of STRIVE

Take a look below at some updates and more information about STRIVE Rocks 2023!

Be sure to also follow our social media pages for more updates and special announcements leading up to the event! 


Check out our 2023 STRIVE Rocks Theme Hours! 

Get your costumes, hairstyles, Zoom backgrounds, and more ready! The participant with the most spirit during each hour will get the coveted STRIVE Spirit Sash and a special prize! 

STRIVE Rocks Theme Hours

  • 8:00PM: STRIVE Pride
  • 9:00PM: Alien Invasion (Outer Space)
  • 10:00PM: Glow Gala
  • 11:00PM: Red Carpet Roulette (Hollywood Casino)
  • 12:00AM: Pajama Jam
  • 1:00AM: Dynamic Duos
  • 2:00AM: Beach Bash
  • 3:00AM: Royal Court (Royalty)
  • 4:00AM: Time Wrap (Decades)
  • 5:00AM: Walk on the Wild Side (Jungle Adventure)
  • 6:00AM: STRIVE Olympics
  • 7:00AM: Final Countdown
We also have some great entertainment and special guests throughout the night! 

Looking for some helpeful hints to boost your fundraising efforts?

Take a look at some of our suggestions here! ⇒

10 Steps to Gain Support for Your Fundraising

  1. Know these key factors about STRIVE

    • STRIVE supports tweens, teens, and you adults, ages 11-24, with intellectual and developmental disabilities
    • STRIVE provides social, educational, employment, training and collegiate programs.
    • STRIVE currently works with over 1,000 members in our community!
    • STRIVE has to raise 80% of its budget each year through events and fundraising.
  2. Know YOUR Story

    • Why are you involved? How many years have you been participating?
    • Do you have stories from prior years?
  3. Set a personal or team goal

    • "I want to raise a minimum of $xx or higher for this event!" Or have each person on your team raise a minimum of $XX or higher to maximize your total amount raised!
  4. Make your own gift/pledge or sponsor yourself first

  5. Brainstorm your list of people to ask

    • Think of all your possible contacts: Family members, friends, teachers, co-workers, or others who respect and like you.
    • Share your fundraising page on your social media accounts!
  6. Send out an introductory explanation via email or letter and share your fundraising page on your social media accounts!

    • Let people know that you will be participating in STRIVE Rocks, why it is important and that you will be coming to see them to ask for their support
  7. Follow-up with everyone you contacted... and more!

    • Reach out to as many people as possible
    • Start with the "easiest" asks first. Use these asks as a way to perfect your story and then build on your success from here.
  8. Start asking for support early! Don't wait until the last minute!

    • Plan to have all of your pledges in by a certain date!
  9. Remember: Have fun! This is worth it!

    • Feel good that you're doing this for a great organization that needs and appreciates your help! Celebrate your success!
  10. You can't thank people enough!

    • After STRIVE Rocks, make sure you let people know how much you appreciate their support and how the event went!
    • Send Handwritten Notes to each of your donors within 3 days after they give.

Be one of our Top 10 Fundraisers and you could win an amazing prize!

Be one of our top fundraisers and you could win one of these awesome prizes

More top fundraiser rpizes will be announced soon!

  • Airpods Max
  • OLED Model Nintendo Switch
  • Meta Quest 2 VR Headset
  • Apple Watch Ultra

Thank You To Our Sponsors!

Interested in learning more about sponsorshop opportunities?

Contact STRIVE Program Director, Whitney Wildes, at or at 207.774.6278.