Information for Current Employees

Information for Current Employees

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I wanted to send along another update on LD 967, the bill in the Maine Legislature that would provide rate increases for Sections 21 and 29. This bill would return the Section 21 and 29 rates to the 2007 levels (they have been cut multiple times since) and then provide a 10% increase to offset inflation. This bill, if passed and funded, would provide the opportunity to increase pay rates for DSP’s. We acknowledge the hard work you do every day and are working to make sure this bill moves forward.

The bill unanimously passed the Health and Human Services Committee. It passed the House and Senate. It also passed with a 2/3rd vote in the House as an emergency bill. It has broad bipartisan support. Now it is critical that the bill be funded by the legislature to help solve the workforce crisis facing our industry in Maine. As you may have seen the budget discussion is at an impasse in Augusta, with much of the energy being spent discussing education. We need to make sure that we keep this bill, and the need to fund LD 967 in the forefront.

We have rarely done this in the past, but we are asking that you consider contacting your legislator and ask them to support LD 967. Its quick, and easy, and you can call or email.


Local Legislators

This is a time sensitive issue, as the budget process is ongoing. If you have any questions or would like further information or clarification,
please feel free to contact Lori ( or Pete ( for more info.

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