Social Skills & Healthy Relationships

Disclaimer: This course will cover many sensitive or mature topics, including abuse, sex & sexuality, gender identity, and sexual identity. We understand that relationships can be complicated, and we are here to help. In this course, you will practice recognizing the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships, identify what you are looking for in healthy relationships, and learn how to make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality.

You will also get to practice social skills that are helpful in maintaining healthy relationships, including verbal and nonverbal communication, reflective listening, conflict resolution, and problem-solving.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Recall characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  2. Identify positive social skills, including verbal & nonverbal communication, reflective listening, conflict resolution, and problem-solving
  3. Recognize the importance of self-awareness in healthy relationships
  4. Identify the characteristics you are looking for in relationships
  5. Explain how to make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality


  • Unit 1: What are relationships?
  • Unit 2: Social Skills
  • Unit 3: Developing Your Relationship With Yourself
  • Unit 4: Developing Your Relationship With Others
  • Unit 5: Sexuality