Social Connections Using Technology

Looking for fun ways to connect with friends and family when you can’t be together in person? In this course, you will experiment and practice using many different apps and websites to strengthen your social connections using technology. Start by learning about screen time and self-care, social and digital boundaries, and safe and responsible use of social media; then get connected with activities from video chatting to virtual book clubs, exercising together to taking a virtual trip together!

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe what it means to feel socially connected
  2. Recognize your balance between self-care & screen time
  3. Define safe and responsible use of social networking and technology
  4. Recognize how to set and accept social & digital boundaries
  5. Discuss your priorities when using technologyPractice using multiple virtual communication platforms and identify which ones will work best for your social connections
  6. Experiment with social activities using technology
  7. Identify offline activities that can be adapted for staying connected from a distance


  • Unit 1: Social Connection, Safety, & Self-Care
  • Unit 2: Priorities & Practice
  • Unit 3: Experiment with New Activities
  • Unit 4: Experiment & Practice Continued
  • Unit 5: Going Analog for Virtual Connections