Self-Advocacy & Boundaries

Learn to be your best self-advocate! In this course, you will learn why self-advocacy is important and why it is important to YOU! You will participate in activities that will help you identify your personal strengths and the supports around you, practice setting boundaries and saying “no,” and find ways to take action and get involved with self-advocacy groups in your community.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define self-awareness and self-advocacy
  2. Describe your abilities and needs
  3. Discuss how to use your support system as a tool in your decision making
  4. Demonstrate the ability to set limits and boundaries
  5. Outline an action plan for being a self-advocate


  • Unit 1: Intro to Self-Advocacy
  • Unit 2: Know Yourself
  • Unit 3: Know Your Supports
  • Unit 4: The Power of Knowing & "No"ing
  • Unit 5: No Time Like the Present (How to Get Involved)