Healthy Relationships

This course covers all aspects of social relationships: how to meet new friends and partners, get to know each other, build a positive connection, and set boundaries. We will discuss healthy vs unhealthy relationships, explore sexual identity, and how to make safe choices around sex.

Disclaimer: This course will cover many sensitive or mature topics, including abuse, sex; sexuality, gender identity, and sexual identity. We understand that relationships can be complicated and are here to help.


Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:


  1. Define social relationship
  2. Recall characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  3. Describe the differences between non-romantic and romantic relationships
  4. Explore what it means to have a sexual identity
  5. List positive traits to look for in a social relationship (friendship or partner)
  6. Outline reasons for seeking a partner (or not)
  7. Outline safe and healthy ways to find a social relationship
  8. Identify the steps of getting to know a new social relationship
  9. Explain how to make healthy decisions about sex



  • Unit 1: What Are Social Relationships?
  • Unit 2: Self Discovery
  • Unit 3: What Am I Looking For?
  • Unit 4: Finding A Partner & Getting To Know Them
  • Unit 5: Sex