Brain Fitness (Executive Functioning)

Your brain is like a muscle, and it can get stronger with exercise just like the rest of your body! Using games, puzzles, and interactive scenarios you will learn how to exercise your brain to increase your memory, boost your mental flexibility and problem-solving skills, decrease your distractions, and more. Let’s get our brains in tip-top shape!

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:


1. Define Executive Functioning

2. Identify strategies for working memory that can be used in your daily life

3. Practice finding multiple solutions to a problem

4. Recognize routines and practice performing them in a different way

5. Identify your common distractions

6. Practice ignoring distractions, negative thoughts, and unwanted behaviors


  • Unit 1: What is Executive Functioning?
  • Unit 2: Working Memory
  • Unit 3: Mental Flexibility
  • Unit 4: Inhibitory-Control
  • Unit 5: Exercise those Brains!